Our Products

Structa Wire Corp manufactures high-performance welded wire products for the lath and plaster industry.

Drawing on our depth of industry expertise, we design and engineer products to improve stucco performance and efficiency, while enhancing its aesthetic beauty. Created exclusively for stucco reinforcement, our products are tested and approved as alternatives to woven and metal lath sheet products.

From our manufacturing facility, our in-house engineers and fabricators develop quality products that perform in one, two and three-coat stucco systems. The result is a range of structurally sound products that are easily applied, saving on time and labour. Our proprietary products improve the performance of stucco on both steel-frame and wood-frame construction and are recognized for LEED accreditation.


Product Overview

With our technically superior products and skilled customer service team, we’re able to find solutions to your building requirements. From walls and ceilings to corners, we provide the right product for your projects with stucco wall systems. To find out what product would be right for  your project click here.

All Structa Wire products are covered under ER – 2017 and fully conform to requirements for stucco reinforcing as defined in the UBC, IBC & IRC.


Structalath Welded Wire lath designed to enhance the performance of stucco and provide easy installation.


Twin Trac Additional wires add strength and form a ‘track’ for convenient attachment. Alternative to 2.5 lb diamond metal lath.


MegaLath Heavy Duty reinforcing for commercial and institutional stucco. Mega Lath is an alternative to 3.4 lb/yd2 diamond metal lath.


V Truss Corners Engineered to provide strength, ease of installation and increased embedment for stucco corners.


V Truss Walls & Ceilings V Truss for Walls & Ceilings is a self-furred lath for soffits and an alternative to 3.4 lb/yd2 rib metal lath.


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