Twin Trac

Structalath Twin Trac is an innovative reinforcing lath that simplifies the attachment of lath to wood and steel studs. Designed especially for commercial construction, Twin Trac has all the enhanced features of regular Structalath with the addition of eight secondary cold-rolled longitudinal wires that add strength to form a ‘track’ for convenient attachment. Twin Trac can be substituted wherever 2.5 metal lath has been specified. Structalath Twin Trac 316 is a reduced furr version that is used with 1/2″ stucco systems.


Innovative Design

  • Twin Trac is the only welded wire lath specifically designed to meet the challenges faced by commercial lathing contractors
  • It is designed to provide easy attachment for both steel and wood-stud construction
  • The innovative use of longitudinal wires create a series of eight 3/16″ spacing bands that act as a continuous washer. This design allows for the easy penetration of self-tapping screws, hand nails and a flat base for automatic staples, making application easier and faster
  • Flat wires provide a pressure seal at the fastener point, reducing water leakage
  • Twin Trac provides a minimum of 28 rugged furring points per square foot that ensure both superior embedment and crack resistance



  • Twin Trac in rolls (compared with sheet) provides the most economical and cost-effective metal base for three-coat stucco commercial and residential construction projects
  • It saves material at side and end laps, compared with metal lath sheets. The reduction of overlaps means fewer weak points, and therefore less shrinkage cracks
  • The innovative design results in fewer callbacks



  • Worker-friendly Twin Trac unwinds from the roll into the flat without curvature memory, making application easier
  • Twin Trac provides convenient and simple installation
  • Twin Trac is designed to minimize build-up at horizontal laps. Download Lapping Details here.
  • The product is easy to manage on a scaffold, reducing worker fatigue and increasing productivity and job satisfaction