V Truss Corners

Innovative Structa V Truss is the result of our continued commitment to providing the best lathing products possible. V Truss offers advancements over the original Structa Corner design, including greater strength, ease of installation and increased embedment.


Straight and True Corner Reinforcement

  • Structa V Truss is engineered to provide superior reinforcement for stucco corners
  • Its unique ‘Truss’ design ensures a ‘true’ straight corner every time
  • It provides improved embedment
  • The product allows for lots of nailing opportunities
  • It’s easy to handle, with few sharp ends
  • Twin Tracs allow for easy attachment and increased rigidity
  • It’s available in Stainless Steel, providing the ultimate in corrosion resistance


Structa V Truss is available in 3 profiles:
3 Coat, 1 Coat and Bullnose

  • V Truss 3 Coat and 1 Coat have three nose wire – 2 1/2″ legs
  • They are available in 10′
  • V Truss Bullnose has four nose wires to give a smooth and round nose
  • Specialty profiles are available in our original Structacorner ‘loop’ design
  • Structacorner Arch is available in 3 coat and Bullnose (7/16″ radius)
  • Structacorner Short Flange is available is 3 Coat, 1 Coat or Bullnose
  • Short Flanges are 2 1/2″ by 1 1/2″ leg lengths


V Truss and Structacorner Packaging

  • 400 lineal ft. per carton
  • 50 cartons per pallet

All nose wires should be covered with 1/8″ stucco

Products should be stored per ASTM C1063-97