More than 20 years ago, Structa Wire started looking at stucco, and seeing how we could do it differently. We discovered products with design flaws, which drove us to research, engineer, innovate and develop solutions that made dramatic improvements in the construction process. Since then, our clients’ experiences have driven us to continue refining and developing high-performance, energy-efficient solutions, many to LEED standards. We’re proud of the difference our products have made to the industry.

1995 – 1998  Designed and built first protype Structalath Machine
1999 – Structalath
2000 – Structa Corner
2002 – Structalath Twin Trac
2007 – V Truss Walls & Ceilings
2008 – Structa Mega Lath
2008 – Structa V Truss Corner
Our reputation as an industry leader for innovation and quality is built on the work of our in-house team of engineers and designers who develop and manufacture high-performance machinery, to exceptional quality-control standards. Responding to existing challenges in the industry, their insight and expertise has resulted in several innovations.

  • A designated roll width of Structalath at 38 3/8” so that three (3) widths cover a standard 9’ 3” wall height with overlaps.
  • Our cold-rolled (flat wire) technology was initially developed as a solution for handling and cutting rolls of wire on scaffolding.
  • Our Structa Rib Lath product was developed in response to complaints from the fallout and excessive cracking encountered when working with traditional reinforcement products.
  • Mega Lath was developed to meet the needs for an alternative to sheet products for heavy-duty reinforcing applications.

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