Technical Support

You can rely on us as a knowledgeable resource on current industry standards. We provide services to Architects, Engineers, Building Envelope Consultants and Contractors. Technical assistance is available for Job-site challenges and Specification issues throughout the USA.
Structa Wire Technical Service Dept. will:
  1. Listen to the client to determine needs.
  2. Analyze the situation and any ancillary conditions.
  3. Provided a supported solution
We aim to provide fast service that helps you keep your project on time.  Please contact us for assistance in the following areas:
·       Ensuring your construction projects adhere to industry standards and construction code requirements
·       Assistance on correctly installing STRUCTA products
·       STRUCTA product specifications
·       Technical training seminars
·       Code approvals questions
·       Questions about who to contact for the technical guidance you need
You can check out our list of frequently asked questions as a fast solution to your inquiry or call for Immediate Technical Support 1 800 887 4708.

For up to date product information, solutions, and best practices please see Technical Bulletins.