Energy Efficiency

Increasing standards for energy use mean that architects and builders need to detail stucco walls that are both economical and energy efficient. Structa product options assist in delivering these energy-saving building solutions. In addition, all our products are manufactured from recycled steel, contributing to LEED points. Whether the wall meets the required higher standards through more cavity insulation or by attaching continuous insulation on the exterior, our products allow for wall configurations that ensure a high-performing, energy-efficient stucco system.


This wall system has been used successfully to meet increased thermal ratings required by new energy codes. Mega Lath, installed vertically, enables a three-coat stucco wall to be constructed in combination with steel framing with horizontal Z-girts, to both meet the requirements of ASTM C1063 and provide a high-performing stucco wall system.

Other Otions:

Mega lath with Mineral Wool

Mega Lath with Continuous Insulation


Various proprietary One-Coat systems over foam improve the energy efficiency of a building. Structalath 316 and Structalath Twin Trac 316 have been used successfully over foam board insulation on wood sheathing or steel framing with Dens glass or on open-frame to increase the R-value in 1/2″ or 7/8″ stucco systems. The 316 – decreased furr versions of Structalath does not deform the foam and provides a solid plaster base for full wire embedment.

Structalath 316 with Continuous insulation – residential wood frame 

TwinTrac 2.5 with Continuous insulation – commercial project over steel & wood framing