At Structa Wire, we are proud of our industry reputation for quality, reliability and innovation. Independent test reports, calculations, quality control methods and other factors are thoroughly reviewed before Structa products are approved as code compliant. Structa products fully conform to the requirements for stucco reinforcing as defined in UBC, IBC and IRC building codes. Please review the approvals on the right side bar.

Structa products are recognized as alternatives to traditional metal lath.

Summary Chart is below:

Sheet Lath Structa ProductApplication
2.5 Diamond LathStructa Twin Trac Over sheathing
16″ Framing
24″ Framing
3.4 Diamond Lath
2.5 Diamond Lath
18 ga. Woven
Structa Mega LathOver sheathing
16″ Framing
24″ Framing
24″ Open Frame
3.4 3/8″ RibV Truss Walls & CeilingsOver Open Framing
Expanded Lath(Structa Rib Lath)Up to 24″