Moisture Intrusion into Stucco Walls

Moisture intrusion into building walls in wetter climates has become a growing concern. The results can be damage to framing components, either wood or steel, and potential of mold forming in the walls or the batt insulation. Many of these buildings have stucco cladding, and stucco has been scrutinized as to its contribution to the […]

3 Coat Stucco -Wall Assembly for Continuous Insulation

The new energy code regulations means increased use of Continuous Insulation over framed wall construction. In steel stud construction especially, the transference of heat and cold through the stud itself, known as thermal bridging, can minimize or negate the desired R value of the cavity insulation. Utilizing foam insulation on the outboard side of the […]

Mega Lath is Versatile and Helps Stucco Walls Achieve Higher LEED Ratings

Issued: March 2016   Steel framed buildings have many advantages, but the major negative is the thermal bridging losses through the steel webs. More stringent energy codes are forcing architects and designers to devise new designs to not only meet present requirements, but to strive further to achieve higher LEEDS ratings, and ultimately strive toward […]

Recommended Fasteners

Issued: March 2016   1. Wood framing – vertical.                          Nails – 0.1205-inch (11 ga ) diameter, 7/16-inch head diameter, barbed galvanized roofing nails. Minimum length – 1-inch. Screws – 0.120-inch shank diameter, 7/16-inch diameter pan or wafer head, galvanized sharp point wood screws Staples – 16 ga diameter, crowns not less than ¾-inch, galvanized. […]