3 Coat Stucco -Wall Assembly for Continuous Insulation

The new energy code regulations means increased use of Continuous Insulation over framed wall construction. In steel stud construction especially, the transference of heat and cold through the stud itself, known as thermal bridging, can minimize or negate the desired R value of the cavity insulation. Utilizing foam insulation on the outboard side of the framed assembly known as Continuous Insulation can mitigate thermal bridging through the stud assembly and also assist in increasing the required R value.

We recommend the following Wall Assembly for continuous insulation assemblies for 3 Coat Stucco (Portland Cement Plaster) ¾ inch to 7/8” thick at 10psf:


Stud spacing over 16”                                 Mega Lath

Stud spacing over 16″ w/ Z Girts             Mega Lath can be installed vertical to the framing

Stud Spacing @ 16”or under                     Twin Trac



Pan head or Wafer head (7/16 inch head diameter) sheet metal screws;

No 10-16; galvanized or zinc coated; self drilling; length – threads to penetrate metal framing by ½ inch

Spacing – vertically along each framing member, at each Twin Trac location, nominal 6 inch C-C


Continuous insulation:

1 ½ inch or 2 inches thick

Minimum compressive strength 25 psi

With high compressive creep and fatigue resistance


WRB:                  fluid applied or building wrap or asphalt paper


Sheathing           ½ inch plywood or ½ inch DensGlas


Steel framing light gauge metal framing, 16 inch OC, minimum 20 ga (0.030 inch)


If you need further information or have a specific questions about installation – please do not hesitate to be in touch with us.

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