The greatest bilateral trading relationship in the world


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Canada and the U.S. do not just share a border or a history. We also share the greatest trading relationship in the world. Every day, $1.6 billion in goods and services cross the border, which supports millions of jobs in both countries.

  • In 2009, total trade between Canada and the U.S. was $592 billion. Canada is the top export market for the United States, greater than Mexico and China combined.
  • Canada is the #1 export market for 34 states.
  • In 2008, 8 million U.S. jobs depended on trade with Canada.
  • Canada provides almost 10% of the U.S.’s total energy demand. Canada, not Saudi Arabia, is the number one supplier of oil to the United States.
  • In 2008, 11.4 million trucks crossed the border — 22 trucks a minute. Our shared border is safe, secure and open to legitimate travel, and the Canadian and U.S. governments work together continuously to improve it.
  • Under NAFTA, growth in bilateral trade between Canada and the U.S. has averaged almost 6% annually over the last decade.


Canada is the #1 export market for 34 states

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Canada and the U.S. build things together… For the world

The unique facet of Canada–U.S. trade is the level of integration. An estimated one third of all U.S.-Canada trade is within the same company and another one third occurs through an established supply chain between companies.

Goods routinely cross the border multiple times — up to six times in the case of complex manufactured goods like automobiles — before the finished product is ready for consumers.

Amongst the top exports and imports between Canada and the U.S. are motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts, machinery, and electrical apparatus. These are all inputs of larger products and highlight that Canada and the U.S. truly are building things together.

Major companies and small and medium enterprises in Canada and the United States all depend on smooth and efficient cross border supply chains. For our manufacturers, cross border trade means the ability to create jobs at home and products that are sold worldwide.

The integration of our economies is the fundamental reason it is so important that Canada and the U.S. work together as we focus on economic recovery.


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