Two Product Enhancements

Released – December 8, 2010


Improved Mega Lath

To enhance the performance of our Mega Lath product we have made design improvements that increase the strength of the lath and thereby reduce cracking potential as well as allow spans at 24” on centers

Mega Lath now weighs 1.95 lb/yd2 and as per ASTM C 1063 – Table and is approved for use at 24” OC over open framing. To make the product even more ‘bullet’ proof we have increased the vertical strength by 200 to 300% by adjusting the following:

Improved Furr shape –rounder shoulders, flat bottom and a shallower angle while still maintaining ¼” depth

Shortening the distance between shoulders of the furr Increasing cross wire sizes.


No. 304 Stainless Steel Corner Reinforcements & Lath

Stainless steel wire offers the ultimate corrosion resistance for corner beads. The stainless steel corner provides the highest level of protection from corrosion for a full range of climatic conditions and stucco conditions including chloride or caustic elements. Stainless wire also provides protection against abrasion during trowelling, any lack of embedment of the nose wires, and any added moisture issues with acrylic finishes.



We recommend that hot galvanized (not electro-galvanized) or stainless steel nails be used for attaching stainless corners and lath. Our research demonstrates that when stainless steel and galvanized steel are in contact, no severe galvanic corrosion will take place. The variable factor is the comparative surface areas at the contact points. Because the contact points of wire lath and the wire corner are equal, there is no concern at these contact points. The use of hot galvanized nails would also be protected since the galvanized area would be larger than the stainless area.


Available January 1st

Structa will inventory 3 Coat and Bullnose Corners

All other Corner profiles are available on a ‘special’ order basis

Mega Lath and Twin Trac will be available in stainless on a ‘special order’ basis

For further information please contact us: 1 800 887 4708