Technical Bulletin 101 – Note to Wire Tying Exemption

Structa Wire laths do not require wire tying of side laps as specified in Section of ASTM C1063.   There is no limit on maximum overlap distance in either direction.


In situations where the two courses of the lath are not laying flat and in close proximity of the sheathing, the side laps of the lath must be tied in those locations. Further, if the lath is bulging away from the sheathing, the lath is to be tightened by twisting of wires by pliers or by other means.

ER 2017 provides the language for and the exemption to Wire Tying at side laps for all Structa Wire Laths as follows:

• StructaLath Ill No. 17 SFCR
• StructaLath No. 17 SFCR Twin Trac 2.5
• V-Truss Walls and Ceilings Lath
• Structa Mega Lath and Structa Mega Power Tie Lath
• StructaLath III SFCR 316
• Structa Fusion One Coat Lath for 3/8 inch stucco system

Prepared June 2021