Extra Galvanizing at The Nose Wire for Improved Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion of steel laths in stucco plasters is an ongoing concern. All Structa Wire Laths and Corner reinforcement products are manufactured from wire that is Class 1 hot galvanized coating to provide corrosion resistance. Class 1 (55 gsm) is the ASTM and building code standard for wire products. For added protection on our Corner products, we have upgraded the nose wire to a heavier weight of zinc.  This added zinc layer serves as a sacrificial shield, undergoing corrosion in place of the base metal. The result is a prolonged lifespan and heightened corrosion resistance.

Focusing specifically on the nose wire, this added protection enhances defense against rust.  Note: For optimal results, we recommend complete embedment of our products in the stucco matrix to prevent contact with carbon dioxide or moisture. The minimum cover of 1/8” stucco embedment is required.