News Bulletin

Structa Wire – News Bulletin

Currently we are in the process of introducing several new products into the marketplace and in this connection we are circulating information regarding usage and performance. However we thought that a brief history of our New Product Development will be of interest to you.


Structa Rib Lath™ (patent & patent pending)

It was in January of ’01, on a jobsite in Sacramento that we first conceived of the need and the opportunity to design an improved Rib Lath for soffits and other horizontal surfaces. Our R & D program was thus commenced. Our engineers & machine designers put their shoulders to the wheel and over the years tackled and were able to overcome innumerable technical challenges and hurdles.

Approximately 4,000 design drawings later we began to build a high speed continuous production line comprising 20 separate machines, all computer controlled and totally integrated – utilizing over 400 sensors and 1500 communication pathways.

Each sheet of Structa Rib Lath contains 3,599 individual resistance weld points in 3 dimensions and contains an interwoven backing sheet that provides 870 openings. The length tolerance requirement on each sheet is 1/16-inch over 8 ft. The welding requirements and coordination are of an extremely high order. To our knowledge a project of this magnitude has never been previously undertaken in the Wire Product Industry.


Our performance goal is to supply a stucco wire reinforcement for horizontal surfaces that provides superior keying/embedment, worker friendliness and superior gauging to provide uniform thicknesses.


Our bottom line goal is to save the contractor money by eliminating stucco waste, whether on the ground, in blow – through or in the formation of uneven stucco thickness and cracking. Additionally Structa Rib Lath will largely eliminate the need for costly repairs and call backs.


Please familiarize and enjoy the benefits of our new products now recognized by ICC ESR 2017.


Structa Mega LathTM (patent & patent pending)

Structa Mega Lath – a rolled product – is a heavier and more finely spaced stucco wire lath reinforcement. Mega Lath is designed for heavy-duty commercial/residential applications. Mega Lath is an off-shoot and variation of our Rib lath and a by-product of our Engineering program.