We are pleased to introduce our latest addition to the Structa family of products, Mega Lath – the heaviest & strongest welded wire lath available today – specifically designed for stucco applications that require extra reinforcing.

Mega Lath is easy to apply, provides increased crack resistance and utilizes our patented cold rolled or flattened technology that increases tensile and reduces curvature memory

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With the immediate availability of Mega Lath – we now provide a fuller range of reinforcing products that have been specifically engineered to meet the challenges of every type of stucco application while saving the contractor time & money.

Mega Lath employs less metal but has more strength as verified by independent laboratories, than any other product on the market including sheet lath products.

We engineered Mega Lath to meet weight requirements for architectural stone product installations with a series of V-shaped furrs that ensures a full 3/8” scratch coat will be applied. In addition, testing has proven that furring shape and pattern ensures superior embedment which means extra strong stucco walls.

Mega Lath comes in rolls that are 28” wide by 113 ft. long (30 sq. yards). The product is easy to handle on scaffolding, provides labor savings during installation and increased crack resistance means fewer callbacks.

ICC ESR 2017 recognizes our Mega Lath as an alternative to 1.4 lb/yd2 woven wire lath as specified in ASTM C 1032 or as an alternative to 3.4 lb Metal Lath.

Mega Lath exceeds the requirements for stucco reinforcing as defined in UBC, IBC and IRC building codes.


Please contact us for specification and product details – 1 800 887 4508