Wire Tying along Horizontal Side Laps

Issued: July 2015   Section 7.8.1 of ASTM C1063 states that side laps of metal plaster bases must be wire tied between supports at intervals not more than 9 inches. Historically, Structa Wire laths have not been wire tied at side laps. Over many years, the resulting stucco claddings have not shown or experienced failures […]

Galvanizing Lath – Standards & Specifications

Issued: June 2015   LATH  GALVANIZING  SPECIFICATIONS IN BUILDING CODES   Corrosion protection of metals including lathing for  cement  plaster  (stucco)  is  governed  by  building codes. Corrosion protection is prescribed as galvanization. The  following  outlines  the  standards  and requirements for galvanization that are now in effect in the US states that have adopted the IBC and IRC codes:  In Table 2507.2 titled “Lath, Plastering Materials and Accessories”, the International Building Code (IBC) cites ASTM C847 – Metal Lath; ASTM C933 – Welded Wire lath; and ASTM C1032 – Woven wire plaster base. In Table 2511.1 titled […]