Upgrade to VTruss Walls & Ceilings for Higher Windloads

We are pleased to announce an improvement to our V Truss Walls & Ceilings product with addition of Twin Trac wires at every truss.   V Truss for Walls & Ceilings was originally designed to improve the performance of stucco on overhead surfaces with key elements that work together to provide easy installation, decrease fall-out and a smooth ‘crack-free’ soffit.  

Structa sought to create an updated Vtruss Walls & Ceilings sheet that could be meet the requirements for hurricane zones.   By increasing  the number of twin trac wires – now appearing at every truss –  we have created a more robust sheet with extra fastening opportunities to meet higher wind load requirements.

  • Twin Trac wires now appear at every truss – nominally every 2-inches
  • Increased from 7 to 13 twin tracs
  • More fastening opportunities for increased wind loads required in hurricane zones like Florida
  • The standard installation doesn’t change from present practice.  The installer continues to attach at every second truss at the redline marked on the kraft paper
  • The allowable negative wind loading with the present fastening specification for wood framing having a minimum specific gravity of 0.42, allowable wind load is 35 psf.   For steel framing, allowable wind load is 52 psf.
  • Note: For applications with higher wind loads – please contact Structa Wire for fastening guidelines.