More Galvanizing at the Nose Wire Enhances Structa Corner products

Corrosion of steel laths in stucco plasters is an ongoing concern. All Structa Wire Laths and Corner reinforcement products are manufactured from wire that is Class 1 hot galvanized coating to provide corrosion resistance. Class 1 (55 gsm) is the ASTM and building code standard for wire products.

For added protection on our Corner products, we have upgraded the nose wire to a Class 3 hot dipped galvanized wire. The Class 3 (200 gsm) galvanized wire has more corrosion resistant properties providing an extra protective barrier against potential rust. Providing additional protection at the wire closest to the plaster surface gives added protection where it matters most.

The galvanization requirement per ASTM Standards provides protection during storage, before use, and for protection from the freshly applied stucco plaster. Long term protection is to be provided by proper embedment in a proper stucco matrix.

Note: It is recommended that Corner products be stored in a dry environment

Please see the link to this tech bulletin for further information on the risk of corrosion of wire laths here