AIA Continuing Education

Structa Wire Corp is a Registered Educational Provider for the AIA Continuing Education Program

AIA Course Name: Lath Selection & Specification to Enhance Stucco Performance
Provider No.: 40107137
Course Number: SW 101

Course Format: This is a structured, face-to-face course

Course Credit: 1 Health Safety & Welfare (HSW) learning unit (LU)

Architects will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore stucco and stucco composition
  • Evaluate alternative stucco lathing
  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of the various lath products and compare lathing alternatives.
  • Review the essential design details for stucco wall systems
  • Identify specific challenges of stucco wall systems while reviewing best practices and solutions
  • Explore Title 24 Compliance and review 3 Coat Stucco Alternatives
  • Review ASTM standards and ICC Evaluation

What people have said about our AIA course:

  • “Thanks for a very informative presentation – very knowledgeable about the discussed topics of stucco, control joints, and application methods.”
  • “Engaged speaker, a large amount of information and all of it of interest to the architects in our office.”
  • “…we were all thrilled and much better off because of your concise program and knowledgable representative
  • Our expectations and understanding of various laths and stucco have been expanded tenfold.”

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