Technical Bulletins

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Reinforcement for Veneer Stone

PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS Prepared by: William Spilchen P.Eng. – Consulting Engineer The application of simulated or manufactured stone veneer has grown dramatically over recent years. The numerous products are attractive and enhance the architectural appeal of facades. They are significantly more economical and easier to install as compared to real stone. Unfortunately, problems with simulated  …


Recommended Installation For 3 Coat Stucco over CMU’s with EPS Foam

July 28th, 2010 Revised – January 2014   The application of lath and stucco over CMU’s must always be done with great care. As compared to other wall constructions, CMU’s have a high thermal mass and hence do not expand or contract appreciably on a daily basis. However, the stucco cladding will heat up and  …


Recommended Installation of Control Joints

Issued – November 2013 UPDATE Control or expansion joints are the Stucco industry’s solution for minimizing and controlling cracking in stucco wall systems. There is controversy and confusion in our industry about their use and installation – particularly as to whether the lath should be continuous or discontinuous (cut) at the control joint. However this  …


Fastener Attachment (Staples)

Prepared: February 12, 2013   Structa Wire approves the use of Staples with Structa products based upon fastener attachment testing performed by Intertek ETL Semko on Structalath No 17 SFCR II Lath in accordance with ICC-ES AC 191 Section 3.6.4 protocol.   The fasteners evaluated were a construction staple – No 16 gauge, one inch  …


Fire Wall Assemblies for Stucco

Mega Lath and Structalath Twin Trac Approved for Fire Wall Assemblies Structa Wire Corp. approves the use of Structalath Twin Trac for rated fire wall assemblies as an alternate to laths specified as 2.5 pound metal lath, 1 ½ inch woven wire lath, or where unspecified metal lath is prescribed. Structa Wire Corp. also approves  …


Two Product Enhancements

Released – December 8, 2010   Improved Mega Lath To enhance the performance of our Mega Lath product we have made design improvements that increase the strength of the lath and thereby reduce cracking potential as well as allow spans at 24” on centers Mega Lath now weighs 1.95 lb/yd2 and as per ASTM  …